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Walter's Taps

Original Walter's Beer-4.8% ABV

6oz $3|12oz $4|16oz $5.50|Pitcher $16|100oz Tower $28

History in a glass! The one that started it all for the Walter family. This pre-prohibition, 1800's German pilsner recipe is the beer that made the Walter family famous. It is a golden lager that is well balanced in its use of hops.

Walter's Pueblo Chile-4.8%ABV

6oz $3|12oz $4|16oz $5.50|Pitcher $16|100oz Tower $28

The Pueblo Chile beer of choice--enjoy a golden glass that has a hint of Pueblo's local farm chiles.

Walter's Pueblo Chile Clamato -4.8%ABV

6oz $3.25|12oz $4.25|16oz $5.75|

We took the Chile Beer and made it red! Using Clamato, this delicious red beer is available directly from the tap. Ask for it with a slice of lime!

Walter's Pueblo Red Chile Lime-4.9% ABV
6oz $3.25|12oz $4.50|16oz $6.00|Pitcher $18|100oz Tower $32

This beer has a nice kick to it! We used red chile powder sourced straight from the Mesa. We then added lime and lemon juices to round out the flavor of this beer. 

Walter's Blood Orange Lager-5.0% ABV

6oz $3|12oz $4|16oz $5.50|Pitcher $16|100oz Tower $28

A clean, crisp lager with the citrus flavors from the Blood Orange. This tasty beer is perfect for sunny days as well as monsoon seasons.

Walter's  SOCO Sour Apple Brown-7.8% ABV
6oz $3.75|12oz $5.00 | 16oz $6.50 |

This brown sour beer is tart and drinkable. A hint of green apple plays nicely with the darker malts that come through on the back of the sip. This is a delicious beer for winter. 

Walter's Coffee Lager-5.2% ABV

6oz $3|12oz $4|16oz $5.50|Pitcher $16|100oz Tower $28

This dark, smooth lager boasts a ton of flavor. We added 20 pounds of Solar Roast Coffee beans to this 10 barrel batch and the flavor is wonderful. The acidity from the roasted beans adds a touch of tartness that plays perfectly with the sweet malts used in this beer. 

Walter's Shoogie Boogie IPA-6.9% ABV

6oz $3|12oz $4|16oz $5.50|

We took the feedback from our awesome customers and developed a great IPA that reflects the West Coast IPA. Dry-hopped with nearly 12 pounds of American hops, this IPA is full of citrus, pine, and grapefruit flavor and aroma. 

Walter's Cranberry Lager-4.9% ABV

6oz $3|12oz $4|16oz $5.50|

Our seasonal lager is back! The mild tartness of the cranberries blends well with the smooth, sweet lager. Let the holiday festivities begin with this beer! 

Walter's Crazy Calabasa Pumpkin Ale-5.6% ABV

6oz $3|12oz $4|16oz $5.50|

We used over 130 pounds of raw pumpkin during the mash to give this beer a beautiful orange color. Pumpkin Pie Spice was added at the end of the brewing process to give ale the flavor of the season. Enjoy with the family this season. 

Walter's Hard Seltzer-5.6% ABV

We are testing out several flavors of a new hard seltzer. Let us know your favorite! This libation is made from raw can sugar which gives it the light brown coloration. It is gluten-free, low carb, and zero sugar. 

Walter's Winter Warmer-6.9% ABV

6oz $3|12oz $4|16oz $5.50|

Spiced Belgian Ale--This Belgian style ale is infused with seasonal spices -- cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Have a pint (or two) and feel the holidays warm you!


Returning Soon 

Walter's SOCO Cherry Brown-7.8% ABV

Sour Ale—7.8% ABV—We split our SOCO Sour Apple Brown and added cherries! The mild flavor of the cherries makes this beer wonderfully delicious. Enjoy with friends…or by yourself. It’s all good.

Walter's White Peach Hard Seltzer-5.2% ABV

Hard Seltzer—5.2% ABV—This seltzer is made from raw cane sugar which gives it the light brown coloration. The flavor and aroma are perfect blends of the base seltzer and the delicate white peaches. It is gluten free, low carb, and low sugar!

Walter's Orange Cream Hard Seltzer-5.2% ABV

Hard Seltzer—5.2% ABV—This seltzer is made from raw cane sugar which gives it the light brown coloration. The Orange Cream is a delicious mixture of orange zest and natural vanilla. It is gluten free, low carb, and low sugar!

Coming Soon

Walter's Shoogie Boogie IPA, version 2.0-6.9% ABV

We took our first IPA and tweaked the recipe to lighten the malt flavor and enhance the American hops in this West Coast IPA. Still dry-hopped with nearly 12 pounds of American hops, this IPA is full of citrus, pine, and grapefruit flavors and aromas. 

Walter's Kartoon Kolsch-5.1% ABV Releasing 12/10/2019

6oz $3|12oz $4|16oz $5.50|

German Kolsch--This German style beer is a hybrid between a lager and an ale. This delicious, clean, crisp beer is full of malty flavors and a hint of Czech Saaz hops. This will be the first release of our Test-a-Tap beers we will unveil every Tuesday (scheduled for 12/10). Only 5 gallons brewed so it will go fast!

Walter's Coffee Kolsch-5.1% ABV 

6oz $3|12oz $4|16oz $5.50|

Specialty Ale—This small-batch beer boasts a malty beer with tons of coffee on the tongue. It’s surprisingly light in color but full of flavor. Enjoy this beer while it lasts!

Walter's Chocolate Cherry Porter-6.8% ABV 

6oz $3|12oz $4|16oz $5.50|

Specialty Porter—6.8% ABV—The base beer is a classic American Porter but we added 5 pounds of cherries and plenty of chocolate. This beer is the perfect holiday beer. But get it while it’s here, there are limited quantities.

Walter's Fruity Sabro PA-5.3% ABV 

6oz $3|12oz $4|16oz $5.50|

Specialty PA—5.3% ABV—We took the Sabro Pale Ale and added a variety of fruits to enhance the flavors and aromas of the hops. This one won’t last long, so get it while it’s available.

Guest Taps

1554-5.6% ABV~ New Belgium Brewing

6oz $3|12oz $5.50 | 16oz $6.50 | Pitcher $20 | Tower 100oz

This beer uses a larger yeast strain and dark chocolaty malts to redefine what dark beer can be- a highly quaffable dark beer with a moderate body and mouthfeel.